Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 5 Quiz Generators for Online Educators

Top 5 Quiz Generators for Online Educators

Building out quizzes for both traditional and online classes can be a time-consuming chore. Luckily, there are now many online "generators" being designed that take much of the work out of online test taking. If you need to create a simple online test, look to the five user-friendly tools below.

  1. Exam Builder – With this exam generator, you can create an online test in a Web browser, and then publish it in one click. You can customize each test for online registration and individual retests, plus the site provides an analysis on how your students scored as a whole.

  1. Quiz Center – Brought to you by the Discovery Channel, this easy tool will allow you to create, publish and grade quizzes online. This generator is very flexible and, perhaps even more importantly, is free of charge. Teachers should find this tool useful at both the K-12 and college level.
  1. Easy Test Maker – Here, you can create a host of different tests at no charge. Your answer options will include multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, short answer, true or false and more. This robust tool includes a spell check function, as well, which comes in very handy for those of us creating tests late at night.
  1. Charles Kelly's Online Quiz Generator – This multiple choice test generator is very popular amongst tech-savvy college instructors. It allows you a lot of freedom in terms of formatting the data.
  1. JavaScript QuizMaker – As the name suggests, this is a quiz generator that provides JavaScript that you can cut and paste into your own Web page. If you are operating your own classroom site, this can be an easy way to host a test on your page.

The above tools have proven to be very useful and popular amongst online instructors. Although more complex tools do exist, most teachers are looking for easy-to-use generators to maximize their productivity. These resources will certainly save you time and make online test taking easier on your students.


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Melissa said...

This blog is an excellent resource, thank you for sharing all the different site to build exams. I have used javaScript QuziMaker and it was very helpful. I am looking forward to trying out the others.

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Max Mustermann said...

Great tools. Thanks a lot.
I might mention them on
Greatings from Germany...

dedeco said...

Verifiquei todos e fiz um breve comentário sobre todos:


Desenvolvido em Cold fusion. Endereço:

- Muito completo.
- Ambientes separados para o instrutor e outro para o professor.
- Muita opções de configuração do exame a ser aplicado quanto ao número de opções das respostas, tipo de questões (múltipla questão,abertas, verdadeiro ou falso), pode-se anexar imagens, colocar feedback para os alunos depois de responder cada questão.
- Muitos recursos: duplicação de exame, imprimir o exame, é possivel criar um pool de questões.
- Relatórios completos: sobre cada teste por estudante, sobre quem foi aprovado, etc. é possível exportar em PDF ou Excel.


- Não é gratuito, e a liçenca é por estudante por ano. No caso de 100 alunos, por exemplo $9.25/ano.


Endereço: Não conseguir usar, está com vários erros de javascript e 404 (página não encontrada).


Desenvolvido em Endereço:

- Muita opções de configuração do exame a ser aplicado quanto ao número de opções das respostas, tipo de questões (múltipla questão,abertas, verdadeiro ou falso), etc.
- Possível fazer downloads dos testes.
- Possível escrever um cabeçalho para os testes.
- Muitos recursos: duplicação de exame e imprimir o exame.
- Permitir formatar


- Não é possível responder na web. Seu objetivo é apenas organizar, e criar os testes de forma padronizada, sem ser necessário formatar.
- Não é gratuito, a liçenca de uso por um ano é $14.95.


Desenvolvido em html + javascript + CGI. Endereço:


- Interface não amigável
- Muito básico e com poucas opções.
- Tecnologia ultrapasada


Desenvolvido em Html + Javascript. Endereço:


- Gera o código para ser utilizado em outra página.
- Fácil de ser utilizado


- Poucos recursos.
- Tecnologia ultrapasada



Russel said...

Nice suggestions, although have you not come across

Marian Thacher said...

Check out this article about online quiz making on the OTAN site

W.Peterson said...

great. quiz generators are the most helpful tools for online educators. i recommend another one: Quiz School (

and Flash quiz tools such as Quiz Creator are also good choice for online educators. refer to Tony Karrer's list here:


MarieJ said...

I found there are more good quiz generators:
Hot Potatoes provides a suite of tools that enable you to create interactive web-based activities for self-assessment purposes. It is free of charge for publicly funded, non-profit, educational users.

Qedoc Quiz Maker is a FREE teaching tool for making interactive lessons & quizzes and test preparation.

Quiz Maker is a powerful assessment tool that you can create Flash online exam, quiz, test and survey. It combines interactivity and multimedia to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting.

Phtar said...

Useful tools for teachers to design an online testing. And I find that these a tools are all online tools. Some desktop quiz makers are also good tools for online educators, I think. Educators could make multimedia flash quizzes with such tools, such as Quiz Creator, which is now free for teachers.

Nathan said...

Another good quiz generator is Test Creator located at Not as much functionality but cheaper and very simple for those who like it that way.